Cpu overheat?

I've bought a homebuilt system through af friend, everything works fine but my idle cpu temp, i got a i5 750, is 44-50 celcius and when running prime95 it gets to 80+ i stopped after like 3mins because the temps were exceeding 84 celcius.
Now can it be that the stock cpu cooler hasn't been equipped like it should? with enough cool paste and so on? or could it be one of my other two coolers for air intake and outtake which there is something wrong with?

Really hope someone are able to help me put :)
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  1. Stock CPU cooler wont do your procie any good when benching from Prime 95.
    Its not the thermal paste that makes your procie runs hooter (though it plays an
    important role of transferring heat away from the procie) but, its the cooler's
    inefficiency it self is the main reason why it gets to 84 C. Usually, when benching
    from Prime 95, It is highly advisable to use a good aftermarket cpu cooler
    compatible with the socket of your mobo to protect your procie from frying.
    If you have plans about buying a good CHEAP cpu cooler compatible with your
    i5 procie, google Coolermaster's Hyper 212 Plus, i recommend that to you.

    When it comes to intake and exhaust fans of your case, im not sure, you didnt
    mention the brand and specs but in general, good air circulation inside your case
    helps any cpu cooler for providing better cooling performance specially if the CPU
    cooler you're using is a stock one.

    Hope this helps :)
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