Hard Drive Crashed - Now can't see it to get data

My computer is a dell studio xps running windows vista. Computer locked up and wouldn't do anything. Turned it off and it would not complete restart. It would freeze after about 60% of status bar under dell logo. Contacted service tech and after trying several things, he concluded bad hard drive. Replaced hard drive but now trying to recover data files from old hard drive. Bought SATA to USB adaptor kit and hooked it up, but the old hard drive doesn't show up on my computer. It has its own power supply and when I plug it in I hear it come on, but nothing pops up on my computer.

NOT super computer savvy, so please offer suggestions.
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  1. You could try this. http://www.powerdatarecovery.com/ If this don't help then the drive is dead.
  2. I would try but I don't really understand where to begin, especially if I cannot locate the hard drive anywhere? I don't even know what tool I would need from that website. It seemed like there are several options, and it talked about different partitions and everything. I am really lost.
  3. Did you look in my computer to see if it showed up under hard drives instead of usb? Also make sure your computer is set up in the bios to enable usb.
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