Athlon II X3 or Phenom II X2 BE

Hey guys,

Athlon II X3 435 or Phenom II X2 550 BE?

I only want it for some mild gaming, overclocking isn't a big issue (not a deal breaker)

Will the Phenom's L3 cache make it better in games, or will the athlons third core make up for it?

Which will utilise DDR3 1333mhz RAM, and a 1gb XFX 4870 better?

And is the Phenom worth the £10-15 more than the athlon at current prices?
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  1. Which processor performs better will depend on the game, the L3 cache and slightly faster cores will help the Phenom II X2 with single/dual threaded games, while the 3rd core will help the Athlon II X3 in games that use more than 2 threads. Personally I would go with the X3 my self, should handle most future games a little better, but either way they'll perform similarly with your 4870 being the bottleneck in most games.
  2. what resolution is your monitor?

    Is a 4870 really a bottleneck? I was thinking of buying one but I can't find a good warrantied one for less than $150
  3. AthlonX3 outperforms even phenom x3 due to higher go for athlon x3.also 4870 cant be bottleneck unless the DX11 games captures the market.
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