E5300 worth an upgrade from athlon 4000+ Gaming wise

Hey, i'm selling my mobo and amd athlon x2 4000+, with the money i can get me a intel e5300. would my gaming performance be a little better with the intel? i had a ati 3850 but getting a ati 4850 in two days which i want to put in my new rig. i know the cpu will bottleneck my gpu but will my performance be better than my amd setup? thanx
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  1. Simple answer is yes.
  2. Thanks loneninja. Is the e5300 a good overclocker? I could overclock my 4000+ from 2.1ghz to 2.8ghz stable
  3. Yes the E5300 is an excellent overclocker if paired with the right board.
  4. The e5300 will hit in excess of 3.0Ghz with ease. I have an e5200 in a very basic mATX HTPC board and it runs at 3.2Ghz without breaking a sweat. The performance will be much better than the old setup.
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