PSU and xfire

Ok I know a lot recommend going with a 750 PSU for xfire / sli .
I have a Corsair 620HX I know it only has the 2 6+2 pin cables for 1 GPU. Corsair has sent me 2 cables that are a 6 pin @ one end that plugs into the PSU and it splits off into 2 6+2 pins, so now I have 4 6+2 pciE ends to hook into 2 GPUs.

The GPUs I was looking into are the SAPPHIRE VAPOR-X 100269VXL Radeon HD 4890 1GB
They recommend a 600W for xfire.

I have my E8500 @ 3.8 one HDD one DVD

@ Corsairs website it shows

Your system is going to need a fair amount of power! These supplies should work well for you.

HX620W - One of the world's most awarded PSUs, the HX620W has modular flat black cables, a quiet fan, and enough power to run just about anything. SLI and Crossfire certification for all the serious system builders out there who demand quality and power.

TX650W - The TX650W is a powerhouse featuring excellent efficiency and a near silent 120mm fan. Upgraded industrial grade components provide clean power throughout its 5 year warranty. Nvidia SLI certified and compatible with all dual-GPU configurations.

TX750W - With four 6+2 PCI-Express cables, the TX750W has the juice to run even the most power hungry system. A single, quiet, 140mm fan and industrial grade components would make this PSU stand out above most of the competition, but fully sleeved cables, a five year warranty and an excellent price point puts it well above the rest.

HX750W - With modular cables and enough power for demanding dual-graphics card PCs, the Corsair Professional Series HX750W delivers up to 750W of power with up to 90% efficiency and at whisper-quiet sound levels.

Now that’s with the CPU OC but without the GPUs OC so if I get the GPUs @ stock 850 speed I should be ok no? or am I missing something. I know I will be pushing the PSU and if its poops out oh well I will get a 750 then. Thanks
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  1. I don't think we can add anything to what you've said.

    At best, you will be pushing the psu into areas of lower efficiency and higher stress. It may well work, work for a while, or poop out.
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    I wouldn't worry about the corsair showing signs of failure. You're still inside the design specs and they build these units to work above and beyond their ratings.

    Just watch how you load the rails, as that unit is one of the few that uses multi 12v rails.
  3. Ok thanks guys, I was just trying to get some opinions on my guess that it should work but might be pushing it.
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