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how do you work out a dual rail psu amps?
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  1. Just add them together. If you want a good ps, buy one used in anandtech's "for sale" forum. Lots of stuff there.
  2. simple as that? I have a q-tec psu 550w dual fan 24p. The 12v rails are: +12v1 peak 16a, +12v2 peak 16a, -12v peak 1.0a and want to run a 9600gt 1gb sonic.
  3. Please note that depending on the psu maker, they may or may not have included limiters on the 12v rails. If your specific psu has limiters then it will not offer any more amps on a single rail than what the label states. However, if there no limiters, then as mentioned, you can add the amps/watts together for total output.

    It is also worth visiting the 9600GT product page at the nVidia website to see if there is a minimum amp/watt requirement.

    Truth is, 16amps on a single 12v rail (with limiters) is low...
  4. That 26 amp estimate is for a complete "typical"system.

    A 9600GT only needs 5 or 6 amps. Figure 10 amps for an overclocked quad core CPU. Figure 3 amps for 2 hard drives and an optical. You should have plenty of power.
  5. Thx for the replies, i'll go ahead n plug it in :)
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