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I recently tried to start my Intel L440GX+ server board with 133 FSB processors and it created boot problems. I have the old 100 FSB processors back in and I am getting an 8189 error mesage telling me that the processors aren't supported by the board revision. Also--I had to change CMOS battery and the CMOS won't clear via jumper. I am not getting the VRAM cleared message--just the same processor error message along with a check date and time message. I think I am getting a Baseboard Management Console screen. It is coming on with the Intel Server Board in green lettering then showing the post information that recognizes the processors and RAM. These processors were supported by this revision which is the latest L440GXG which goes up to 1GHz. I did the recovery boot with the latest BIOS and got the 2 beeps telling me it was successful but I suspect the CMOS was never cleared from the other processors. I have had these types of problems before and it was something really simple causing it. And I can't boot from floppy to update the BMC although the BIOS recovery worked from floppy. Intel doesn't have much info on the BMC other than updating. Any help appreciated.

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  1. I don't understand completely... what CPU are you trying to run on the board? 133 FSB sounds like a pretty old chip!
  2. I installed 1Gig 133 FSB processors and the board will only support 100 FSB. They are P3 Slot 1 processors that both fit the slot. After putting the 650MHz 100 FSB processors back in, I started getting problems including the pause and message about an unsupported processor which may not be clearing. The boot recognizes the 650's but pauses with the message about what I think is actually the 1Gigs I tried.

    I suspect what is halting the boot is the BMC or Baseboard Management Console which monitors temperature and processors amoung other things. That would explain its independence from the system bios. I haven't found much Intel documentation regarding the BMC but am still looking.
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