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I have a Lenovo T61 Core 2 Duo running WinXP Sp 2. It was working fine until one day I could not print a webpage to my Canon multifunction machine. As soon as I hit Print I would get an error message "Data Execution Protection Internet Explorer must close, etc,etc". Never saw it before and I can't imagine what caused it. It happens with IE8, Mozilla Firefox and even Chrome. Blows me away. And it happens every time. But it prints a Word document just fine. I don't download anything unusual; I am very cautious about that. Then I wondered if SP3 would solve the problem. My anti-virus is up to date and I ran a scan and it found zero. So its like it just started happening for no apparently reason. It must be a windows problem because I get that message regardless of the browser. I read that blog comment about disabling DEP but I am reluctant to do that. I also read that one of the MS Security Updates is responsible, in part but I am reluctant to eliminate that. I also wonder if SP3 is worth installing or whether it is going to slow my slow machine down even more. I really don't need that. Would appreciate any advice. Thanks!!!
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  1. I would recommend to upgrade to SP3 so that you will receive further security updates for XP
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