Hey guys,

I just had "Windows Vista, Home Premium, 64 BIT", installed and it showed all 4 GB ram available.

I just installed a fresh copy of "Windows 7, Ultimate, 64 bit", and my motherboard, an ASROCK G31M-S supports 8 GB ram, but its still showing only 3 - 3.19 GB available when i right-click on the "My Computer" then i click on "Properties".

I "Enabled" the "Memory Remap" option in the BIOS and nothing has changed.

CPU-Z recognizes the 4 GB of RAM, and so does Windows in the "System Information", but it only allows 3 bloody GB!!!

Some1 plz help...


P.S. I know i've put it in the wrong category, but there's a lot more activity in this section... sry for any inconvenience, but i really want my RAM!...
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  1. Double check that you are running the X64 version of Windows 7

    Right click my computer, Properties.
  2. Click the start orb, and in the search box please type: msconfig

    Right click the result, and select 'Run As Administrator'

    That will open up the configuration utility. There is a setting for Max memory - Make sure it is unchecked and that there is no set value. Save.. OK... Restart..
  3. yes, i am sure its 64, and my mobo supports it, etc. etc., btw, just fixed it! been searching for a solution for 2 days, this was it:-

    had to run it as Administrator!

    thanks, though!
  4. HAHAHA! thanks, scotteq, but id just saw ure eearlier post it in a different thread, the key was to run it as administrator, thanks man!
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