Is my Vcore high?

I overclocked my i7-2600k to 4.5ghz, 1.375vcore. I see other peoples sigs with alot lower vcore with similar overclocks on i5/i7 sandybridge and just wondering is there something i missed or a setting in bios that might allow my overclock to remain stable at a lower voltage? I'm running on air atm, prolimatech supermega with 2 scythe slipstreams in push/pull. 1.375 was the lowest i could get it and be able to run prime95 all night, my machine runs awesome and haven't had any bsods or anything but it is a little warm at times. 37-45 across cores idle and hits 66-70 on load, other factor is I'm in australia with no air-con coming into summer, the other day we had a really hot day and my cpu hit 79degrees.
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  1. I think you were fine up until you started talking about summer and 79 degrees. if you can't keep the ambient temps under control, you should probably bring it down to 4.2ghz at a much lower vcore.
  2. Lowering Pll helps lower vcore. 1.55v is common.
  3. What exactly is pll? I saw it mentioned in several guides but i must have missed it in my bios, I'll go looking for it when i get home.
  4. cpu pll voltage.

    I've never really had lower vcore by lowering the pll, so it might just be random results.
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