DVD Drive Wont Detect any disc.I Have Tried Everything.

ive been messing around for about 4 hours now.i dont even know where to start.....
ok i havent used the dvd drive for quite a while,like a couple months maybe.i used it yesterday and it worked.about 20 min after it worked it started making a screeching type sound.i didnt think much of it at first.
i bought shogun 2 today and it wont read it or any other type of disc.it just keeps screeching.the drives are detected in device manager,it shows up in my computer,my hardware diagnostic utility says its fine,its detected in bios...
i have tried everything......the registry thing,set it to slave,system restore,uninstall drivers/reinstall,checked all the cables,and quite a few other pointless things i have found on google.
i figured it was just broke so i installed another dvd drive i have and that doesnt work either! this one does not make screeching sounds but it does the same thing,it just doesnt read it.this doesnt make sense to me.

oh id also like to add the first one was sata and the other one i installed is ide.i am also using windows 7 32 bit.
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  1. Did you set the jumper on the IDE drive to master if this is the only IDE drive you have and set it to boot first in the bios? If this is a second IDE drive then set the jumper to slave.
  2. ok tried that and still nothing.id like to add that the dvd drive sounds like theres no acitivity going on inside when i put it in.and it does work on the other computer.i dont understand this???? could it be a problem with my windows? registry??
  3. Go to device manager and right click on the drive and click remove then reboot your computer and let windows reinstall it.
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