My CPU is too powerful & i need HDTV tuner

the CPU that i have (athlon ii x3 425) is just way way too powerful, what a beast, i even currently have it underclocked and undervolted just to keep it under wraps. so i am looking for a HDTV tuner, not just any tuner, one has requires more CPU cycles to operate so I can suck some power out of my CPU. i would prefer an internal card rather than a usb solution but can consider anything if it is good enough/recommended to buy. please help me out, my CPU is just too powerful.
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  1. Sel your CPU and buy a Semperon then.... ;)
  2. I don't mean to call you stupid but... why would anyone want to waste cpu cycles, and how can it be TOO powerful?

    Lies! there is no such thing...
  4. what a douche

    whats it gonna do, burst out of the case and rampage around the living room?
  5. I'm a little curious what you mean by too powerful, and why you turned it down..

    Heat issue? or? Just trying to understand where you're coming from.
  6. yeah, what are you talking about? you want to waste cpu power? this makes no sense. how is it too powerful? does it run hot or something?
  7. LOL
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