Intel CPU e8600 worst value of all CPUs

How is the e8600 priced over $100 more than the e8400 when out of the box on stock the e8400 can run OC at 3.33 GHz with better performance (faster FSB 9 x 370)? Why doesn't the price of the e8600 drop to around $189 instead of $269?
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  1. They're both reaching the end of their production lives, if not out of production already... So resellers are running on whatever stock is left over. And we all know that when Supply < Demand then the prices rise.
  2. Okay. So they're short in supply with mostly only professional overlcockers as the market for them driving or keeping prices high, what real value does the CPU have besides an attempt to reach 5+ GHz on LN2 which often destroys the CPU and mobo anyway?

    I initially wanted one and OC it to match it with an HD 5870 but I will wait and see how the i5 and i7 prices evovles.
  3. You're totally forgetting that GHz sells! Not everyone is well informed.
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    The E8600 is at the top of the series' speed bin. As such, it commands a price premium.

    I'd get an E8400 and a good cooler and overclock the bejesus out of it.
  5. E8400 is a good $40 over priced if not more. It's priced in a range with quads, when slower clocked quads are showing better performance in most situations including a large number of new games. Not to mention you can get similar performance from AMD from a $100 dual core that has a chance of unlocking into a quad.
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