Best graphics card with a Pentium D915?

Which graphics card will be the best one with a pentium D915 2.8 GHz before the CPU bottlenecks my system?
My computer is an Acer Aspire E560 with ATI RC410 chipset. I have a 620 W Corsair PSU I can put in, so the power should not be a problem.
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  1. ^ Maybe upto HD 4850...
    What is your monitor resolution ?
  2. It's a Samsung SM2433BW, resolution 1920 by 1200.
  3. Why are you gaming with such a high res and such a slo CPU? I vote 4890/GTX260, but upgrade the CPU.
  4. ^+1 For that resolution, even if you put in a powerful graphics card, that CPU will certainly hold it back...
  5. Well, I take what I have and figure out my options. I'm not a hard-core gamer anyway. I would like to see CoD4 and Red Alert 3 run flawlessly, though.

    I have not considered a CPU upgrade. Is it worth the cost?
  6. Depends on how much you are willing to spend. You could buy a cheap C2D or Athlon II setup for around $150.

    Though if you just wanted to play CoD4 or RA3, fitting only a 4850 would definitely make them playable even on high settings.
  7. Even at 19x10? That slow P4 won't let the 4850/4870 run as fast as it should. Depending on the game, I doubt he'd see 30FPS.
  8. At stock they do suck but with a little oc and nuked ram you can boost things by 5-15% but that is good as it gets. Go ahead with the up grade but wait till after next week unless what you got is failing. If very choppy do as others have suggested a cheap c2d something with at least 2mb cache or more.
  9. OK, I take it from the dialogue above that the D915 will bottleneck my system with an HD 4850 and above.
    So, then, if I settle with an HD 4850, will it still be worth the hassle and costs to upgrade the CPU? I mean, I do not think I bother, unless I see at least 20% better performance.
    Any ideas how much boost to the system a new CPU would give, compared with the stock D915?
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