Formatting motherboard memory

how to format motherboard memory and reinstall it(it shows 633kb of memory)
i think virus or by some fault my motherboard has been affected.problem started as follow
while i was working on my laptop surfing on net,it shows due to some problem i have to restart my system and i did so.but when it restarted and i log-in it started hanging every time.i was having 2 window(win-7, vista)and both started having similar problem but while i was having problem in normal booting there was no such problem when i boot it in safe mode or safe boot with i formatted my hard disc and tried to reinstall the window but installation could not complete,it started hanging again in middle of installation(i have tried installing win-7,vista and xp,while installing xp which i tried at least 50 times it hang up when it shows 34 min. remaining each and every time while my mouse pointer still works)
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  1. You do not format memory.

    If your PC worked in Safe Mode, you probably have a problem with corrupt drivers. It's also possible that hardware in the PC died.
  2. you can't format memory in fact....memory is cleared every time power is lost....
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