I can't access my Verbatim 750 gb Hard drive

I have data stored on my Verbatim 750gb hard drive but can't access data any longer. Each time I connect to the laptop, I am told to format it before I can use it. How can I gain access to my data on the hard drive?
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  1. Hi seth,

    Need to give us more info about your setup. What is your computer setup, how do you normally access your verbatum external HDD, thru a USB connection, a SATA connection a firewire? And exactly what happened. Is this powered by a USB cord or an extenal power block. Did it occur after a power outage?

    Also with the HDD connected, go to Disk Management, and see if your external HDD is recognized by the OS, and if so, what are the Drive status parameters, volume status parameters.
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