PSU for an HD 5970?

I'm toying with the idea of biting the bullet now and grabbing an HD5970. How much power should I have? Will 550W be enough, or will I need more?

The relevant information being:

i5-750 overclocked
Two sticks of 2 GB DDR3 Ram
One 7,200 RPM SATA HDD
Blu-Ray Drive
DVD Burner

Edit: I will not do Crossfire in the future (no need with a card that big)
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    550 will be no where near enough. A 5970 draws slightly more than 2 5850s which should have a 750W PSU to support them. Remember that even though the 5970 is a single card it has the power draw of 2 because its dual GPU. A good 750W psu should be enough for it, but only 1 of them, if you are thinking of possibly adding a 5870 down the line from trifire you should consider a 900W PSU.
  2. Thanks for the quick response. I don't ever see needing to Trifire (especially with the CPU bottleneck), but in the interest of giving myself a little overhead this Corsair TX850 seems like a good choice (and it has a nice MIR right now):
  3. Yeah that will handle the 5970 handily even if you overclock it to 5870 speeds.
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