Should i wait?

currently running
phenom ii 940, 4gb ddr2 1066, 4870 on an am2/am2+/am3 with SB750 board.

my friend/his mom are essentially buying my pc and i was going to upgrade, probably keeping my mobo.

intel is not really an option (unless the i5 is real kewl) due to the fact that i have no ddr3 and LOTS of amd stuff and ddr2 lying around, most of which i am trading/selling. since i have most of the stuff and don't have to buy much for the sale, i will have approximately 450 dollars for cpu/gpu after all sales/trades/upgrades (invloving 3 people) are complete. i don't really want to go ddr3 because then i will not have all of the 450 for gpu/cpu because i will have to buy ram as well, i have plenty of ddr2 for all the pcs though.

however, should i ask them to wait for the 5800 series to come out, and even the i5 (when do they come out...O.o) and see what happens to prices? would be good for everyone involved, i think. otherwise i buy now and potentially not get as much for my 450, some of which should also be used for a chair i need.

WWYD? :)
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  1. Why not just overclock the 940? If its the black edition than overclocking is as simple as changing the multiplier.

    There will not be any huge performance gain CPU-wise from what you have, so save your money.

    If you are partial to ATI, then maybe look into a 4870X2, or if you are able to crossfire, pick up a 4890 or 2, depending on the deal you find.

    However, if you can crossfire now, then why not just pick up another HD4870? The performance gains will be the best and also the least expensive.

    2nd 4870 in xfire > new 4890 > new processor
  2. Since 940 is am2+ I would upgrade to am3 CPU and gradually upgrade the board later on. But, for 450, you should be able to get the board / cpu / ram and keep the 4870. So you'll have all am3 parts. Also, there's nothing wrong with sticking with the 940 and just oc'ing it if you know how.
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