Ocz amd black edition with msi 790fx gd70

Hello, im going to build my new rig, been awhile since, the last one, ane god, the prukt been chaning up abit, hehe.

the current build im getting, is, following:

amd phenom 2 x4 965 BE
(thinking the ocz amd black edition , can only get the cl8 i that case, or a dominator one, both are ddr3 and has the timing, of 1600mhz

the msi 790fx gd70 board
1 corsair performance, p64 bg, 128mb buffer.
1 corsair performance p128 gb. 128mb buffer

corsair HX1000W PSU
the case im not sure yet to choose... hopefully you could say a great one that has it all, was thinking of the HAF 932 from coolermaster, but no dust filters, wtf... that low:(

and lastly is the 2 msi own, 5970 that ive waiting for

the question is, when i put the ocz amd black edition, in, it will be default settings right...
is it safe to just clock the ddr3 settings to 1600 since it counts as an OC... is that safe to run it, without, having to worry about burning some other parts? please hope you can come with some great tips for me, , and btw thanks for the forum, many great features:)
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  1. corection abit, the drives are SSD ones, and the ram i was thinking 8 bg ither one of them
  2. I don't know that you could count on it booting with the right speeds, but it's possible that it would. Overclocking the ram shouldn't be dangerous to other components, as that is a very overclocker friendly board. If you are going to OC via reference clock I would monitor the system temps, particularly if you plan to raise voltage a bit for northbridge and HT overclocking. But the board should allow you to set the Dram speed to 1600Mhz without changing the FSB.

    I think the 965 will not clock higher than the 955, diminishing returns and all that so I wouldn't pay a premium for 3.2 Ghz if I was overclocking my CPU anyway. It sounds like you will be OC'ing. In which case I would get the biggest baddest air cooler available.
    Hope that answers your questions, looks like a nice build-Have fun!
  3. you do not want to get the OCZ AMD BE memory card. I have got it, it does give great performance, but not more than my previous DDR2 1066 MHZ OCZ Blade.
    you need to get a dual channel memory kit. maybe a triple if the motherboard supports it.
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