What do i need to keep this system cool?

Hey Guys,
So i just finished modding my case to the extreme and it looks great. My idea was to make the case how i wanted it to look first, then worry about cooling.

As it is, i have a Corsair 650d. Custom side windows, custom paint job, custom LED lighting, Custom top grill.

It only fits the stock 200mm fans (top and bottem) and the rear 120mm. The top grill has been modded so that the 200mm fan fits in the middle, then two glass windows are on both sides of it (where extra grill used to be).

The setup is:
Overclocked 2600k
Corsair AX1200 PSU
SLI MSI 580 XE 3gb's
16gb Corsair vengence
1 256gb Crucial m4 SSD
Asrock z68 xtreme7 Gen3 mobo

How do i get enough cooling for this setup without using water and by installing as few fans as possible?

Rig will be used for gaming - but i hardly ever game for long extended periods (almost never over 5 hours straight)

what do i NEED to do to not make this setup catch my house on fire?
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  1. I forgot to mention 2 things:
    - HD cages are removed, so the front fan will give good airflow from front to back.
    - noise is not a factor
  2. Install a 120mm with high CFM in front of the case.
  3. 1. Top notch CPU cooler - Thermalright Silver Arrow

    2. Side Window fans and "back of cage fans" that throw air between the GFX cards work for me. See cases like HAF-X and Antec DF-85 / 1200V3
  4. If you don't already have a quality aftermarket HSF, you'll probably want one.

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