Windows 7 Reakltek can't get true 5.1 sound!

I bought the logitech x-540s that have 5.1 sound. They all work fine but I can't get true 5.1 sound. The only way to get to get all speakers to work is enable "speaker fill" in the realtek options or press the "matrix" button my sound control. This is not true 5.1 and the rear speakers sound terrible and I can barely hear them. I did not pay good money for a 5.1 system only to use it as a 2.1 with "simulated" 5.1 sound! Please help, I don't want to switch to linux or xp to get this working. Thanks.

Realtek HD onboard soundcard
Latest realtek drivers R 2.36
Windows 7 32 bit
x-540 5.1 system
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  1. Most likely your problem is the audio source is not a 5.1 source. So playing music which is stereo will not come out the rear speakers unless you use speaker fill to simulate it. But if you play a 5.1 capable game or watch 5.1 capable movies you will notice they function properly.
  2. Just a suggestion, make sure the speaker setup of windows is set to 5.1 aswell...

    Some realtek onboards don't change that...

    You can check it via the sound icon on your task bar, rigt click, playback devices, then select speakers an the configure.
  3. Most PC audio is stereo, and realtek chipsets don't have a way to upmix to 5.1.
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