My acer hard drive is full

my 35 GB hard drie is almost full. only 2.5 GB left. Howev er he I look at the Acer drive (C) I d not find more than 5 or 6 GB in the different folders. Where are rest an how do I delete it? Thanks, Elto
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  1. Try windirstat. It will show a graphical representation of your files and see which ones are taking the most space.
  2. And may I ask what OS you are running, and how long it has been since you installed it? In my old XP installation, an enormous amount of space is taken by patch uninstall files.

    Second, it might be less work for you to just go buy a 250 GB drive (finances permitting) and clone your drive to it with free cloning software. Presto, no worries about space for some time to come.
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