Is Windows 7 stable enough to play games yet?

Don't know if anyone else has had this problem, but I've installed Windows 7 RC on my machine and to be honest, are very impressed. Having never moved over to Vista from XP, its taking a bit of getting used to but visually, I am pleased.

However, whilst surfing the internet, I have seen the following error message pop up several times

'The display driver stopped responding but has recovered'

Has anyone else had this prob? I've read on several forums of this happening in Vista in the early days, but you would have thought they would have ironed such a problem out before releasing Windows 7

I'd like to experience games in DX 10, but to be honest, are a bit sceptical that the error message is going to crop up half way through a game and I'd loose a stack of unsaved progress.

Any ideas?
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  1. It's the RC, a beta, a stable and very usable beta but still a beta, try the RTM.
  2. yes im running the rtm version and i havent had any problems at all... my games actually run smoother and higher fps so win7 has won me over.. building new pc today and loading it up on it also :)
  3. Mousemonkey said:
    It's the RC a beta, a stable and very usable beta but still a beta, try the RTM.

    I have had Beta,RC and now RTM.
    Beta wasn't very well for games,RC was better and now RTM is great,I'm quite happy with its performance
  4. i've used RC before and it works great on me. i play older games like NFS most wanted and C&C general. with vista the game performance is worst than xp but with win7 the performance is where it should be :)

    but still the RC is beta so its not surprising if there are troubles. currently using RTM
  5. also check out the "WINDOWS 7" forum in fact its where you should of posted this message there
  6. Running MS FSX on WRC 64 without even a hickup. (Now, Bluetooth drivers are an entirely different story . . . )
  7. I switched my primary PC to the RC after testing it for a few weeks on my secondary and having no problems. In fact, a Sacred2 crash I was getting with WinXP(32bit) has not yet happened with the 64bit Win7 RC.
  8. Excluding driver stuff, even though I've had 0 problems with the ati vista drivers for my hd3650, windows 7 runs games just as well as vista. I have not noticed a single compatibility problem yet.
  9. How do I find out if I am using RC or RTM. The guy who gave me the disc just said it was the 'latest version'
  10. whether it erases itself or not is when you'll find out :) lol jk you should be able to check by properties of my computer, it should list it but idk i never used the rc i went straight to rtm oem copy so....
  11. the RC is build 7100. RTM is 7600. just run dxdiag. it should tell you what build you're currently running
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