Enough power for the thirst of the 4890?

I am looking at buying a new system with a 4890(, but wanted to make sure that I would have enough juice to support it.

I currently have a 550W PSU that is rated for 29A over 2 rails(

Is this enough because I really don't want to get a new PSU.

*Current Specs*
AMD Phenom II X4 925
Middle of the road Mobo.
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    I wouldnt suggest it, even if those rails are additive the corsair 400CX provides 1 amp more and most people wouldnt even think to run a 4890 on a corsair 400CX.

    The PSU calculator suggests atleast 290W with 0% capacitor aging and no fans so its going to be cutting it close since yours can only provide 348 on the 12 volt rail.
  2. It will be close.

    You may want to consider getting a newer PSU. A modern 550 watt PSU will put out at least 40 amps on the 12 volt rail.
  3. The Corsair VX550 power supply would be a good choice. It has a a large single +12 volt rail rated at 41 amps and two 75 watt, PCI-e, 6 pin, video power connectors which the 4890 requires . It earned high marks in technical reviews. It is a high quality psu that is reliable, stable, and comes with a 5 year warranty:
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