HD5770 with Asus A8N-Sli - won't boot

Hi all – hoping you could offer some guidance

I have an older computer with an Asus A8N-SLI premium mobo, 4200+ X2 athlon and Thermaltake Soprano case with 430W power supply

I recently purchased a Gigabyte HD5770 under the impression it would be compatible with the system.

When I hooked it all up and fired up the rig, it would not boot. No post, no beep – nothing. I unplugged everything but the card and the CPU – still nothing – no indication of boot. The fan on the card powers up, but nothing happens.

Is this card compatible with my system? Am I doing something wrong?

Please assist if possible – thanks very much
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  1. wats the manufacturer for the PSU? i know that the 5770 has a power req of 450+ so it seems u r under powering ur system... 5770 you should get a 600W PSu just for future proofing.

    The pc not booting is due to the PSU.
  2. The psu was manufactured by Thermaltake - came with the case

    sounds like I need to upgrade the power supply
  3. yep my friend - you'l need a PSU upgrade - 600 will alst u good while :)
  4. any recommendations for a decent brand/model? Corsair? Antec?
  5. i use thermaltake...for 4 years, now all PSU's come with cable management and 80plus certification, u can look into antec, OCZ and coolermaster

    they should be very reliable :)
  6. will do - thank you
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