PNY GTX560ti XLR8 Overclocking question.

When they OC these cards, are they Minor OC or better? I have become an overclocking junkie as of late, and want to know if anyone has any base line stable OC's for this card. I searched the forums and google, but didnt search too hard. Any information would be great as I want to actually run this card at it's fullest potential. Thanks!
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  1. To be honest just do the overclock your self. the manufacturer does it to a point they know its still safe but really just download the MSI after burner and move it up slowly and it will automatically control the fan speed too

    Use CPI-d to manage the temps for your GPU.

    Also very common thing since you have the 560 unlock it to make it a 570 or better :O

    Iam working on making my 570 and 580 but the fan sucks on it for me.

    Hope this helps!
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