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Dear Fellows,

I have a problem with my Motherboard MSI X58 PRO-E. Worked fine with 1stick of 2GB RAM in A0 Slot. It did not boot up when inserted 2nd 2GB RAM Stick. It was rebooting continuously.

I replaced the Corsair RAM. Still same problem persisted.

Only then I came to know from MSI forums, that MSI Motherboards with Foxconn as vendor are coming with PINs bent. even after MSI checks for Quality! :ouch: I did not notice it when built the PC. But when I looked again I found about 5% of the pins bent!!

After that I tried to straighten the pins and reseated the CPU. This time The Board will not boot. It would go to S0 State, Fans will rotate, LED lights will glow but will not display anything.

So I RMA'd the Board but they said they don't have spares. And it would take a long time to get spares (months)!

Hence I am left with no other choice but to buy another x58 Board and try to sell the MSI when repaired.

My question is this:

If the Pins are bent in MotherBoard would that affect Processor too. Is my processor okay?

Any suggestion on which x58 mobo to buy? I have to limit my budget to $300.

Thanks for any advice.
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  1. Your CPU will be fine and should not have any damage caused by bent pins on a motherboard.

    If i were you, i would stick with ASUS or Gigabyte... below is a good ASUS option for $309.00
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