I7-2600k asus p8p67 ws revolution OVERCLOCK HELP! just built need guid

I just finished my 1st build, and i am confused as i am pretty new to the idea.... i mostly play games but the idea of customizing my performance is what intrigued me into the build in the 1st place... basically i just need recommended settings to enter for a decent overclock nothing crazy... i have tried the asus AI suite 2 for a auto overclock but cannot tell if its working.... any advice would be more than appreciated....

here are the parts....

mb- Asus P8P67 WS REVOLUTION 3.0
CPU- I7-2600K
CPU cooler- Corsair H80 water (pretty sure its on correctly as my cpu temp is 30c no load and havent got an accurate temp full load)
Case Thermaltake level 10
GraphicsCard EVGA GTX570 SC (twmpa dont go over 65c even underload)
Power- Corsair AX850W
HardDrive- 1 TB baracuda seagate 7200rpm
optical- BlueRay LiteOn
RAM- 16gb pny DDR3 1600Mhz

thanks in advance, and thanks for the help as i am lost and need beginners guidance...
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  1. notice the sticky:

    I7 - 2600K / I5 - 2500K Overclocking Guide

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