Phenom II 955 build, need some advice

Iv decided to go with the Phenom II 955 BE but i have no idea of a good mobo that can handle ocing the 955 and the gpu's... i would prefer sli ready but i can try going with crossfire. tri channel ram would be nice also, some good mobo ideas would be nice or just a build that one you may have with this processor.. and some fps you have seen in games
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  1. Sorry buddy only an i7 motherboard uses tri channel ram, as for the sli, its also pretty hard to find in an amd mobo.
  2. If you want help make a post following the guidelines from the sticky in the new system build section where you posted this thread...
  3. SLI ready in AM3 hasn't been in the market just yet, they have built a motherboard that does have sli format for $200. Just have to wait a while longer for it to hit the stores for sale. DDR3 1600 2x2gb will do just fine, triple channel is more along i7.

    For 955, depending on your budget, Theres a sticky that TheAnimal has posted on the beginning page of Homebuilt systems. Please copy and repost it in here to help us, help you out. Thank you.
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