Crysis freezing when opened. (Re-posting)

I posted this a while back in the PC games section but it doesn't seem to get much traffic, so I'll post it here:

Hi all,

When I try to open Crysis, it freezes my computer. I double click on the Crysis icon and about two seconds later windows just freezes up.

I have tried many different things. Running it in DX9, DX10, safe mode, etc etc. When I first built the computer (CPU at stock) It never had a problem with anything. I played Crysis for about a week, then forgot about it (very boring story line). After a couple months, I have changed some things. Overclocked my CPU to 3.8 (C2D E7400), added another 4gigs of DDR2 800 (8GB total) and a second Sapphire HD 4870 512mb. But now I cannot play Crysis at all. I have tried reinstalling it several times also.

So what could be the problem here? My rig is capable of running this game very well, why won't it start up? Is it something with the overclocking (videocards not overclocked)?

Any help would be greatly appreciated, since I want to see how this rig handles Crysis with the new videocard, extra RAM, and faster CPU.

And some additions after my original post:

Heat/temps/dust are not the issue. Crossfire isn't the issue. The only thing I can think did this is my CPU overclock, but I tried bringing that back to stock and it still did the same thing. I've reinstalled the game several times and it didn't do anything. I'm starting to consider just buying Crysis:Warhead off steam and see if that works (The Crysis I have now is the original).
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  1. What's your PSU?
  2. 750W PC Power and Cooling.
  3. At a freezing point just opening the game, all i could think of is ram or cpu.
  4. Memory check shows no problem and my CPU passes all Prime95 and OCCT tests...........................anybody else know of something that could be causing this?
  5. Bump for justice.
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