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What are the real differences between a Sapphire Toxic 4870 and a Vapor-X 4870? One is overclocked but I don't know if it makes any real difference, the other seems to be slightly newer. The Vapor-X is £5 cheaper, so negligable.

I don't play FPS, but need a new card for Dragon Age at 1920*1080
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  1. The Vapor-X uses a different fan which is far quieter than the stock or Toxic's fans. I believe also due to this special fan, the temps are quite lower than stock or toxic.
  2. they use the same fans the toxic is just clocked higher and the fan set to run higher
  3. Is the Toxic any faster in the real world? Lower noise is very appealing
  4. I have the Vapor-X, and, although it looks like a wimpy cooler, it does its job DAMN well. I took one look at the aluminum block and said "My Zalman VF-900 made of pure copper should be able to cool better than it can!!"

    With the Zalman cooler, temps were around 65C idle and 95C load.
    With the vapor-x cooler, temps were 44C idle and 65C load. O.O
  5. I also own the Vapor-X and it works great. Better to run cooler than faster if given the choice, in my opinion. Makes the whole system work better and last longer.
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