Cabinet + PSU for i7 & 5970

Please suggest a good Cabinet + Power supply for this build

i7 860
Ati 5970
2 RAM modules
2 HDDs

Overclocking will be moderate at max and another 5970 is out of question. Budget for Cabinet+PSU = $200-220.
(Please suggest a cabinet from Antec/CoolerMater/Thermaltake as these brands are easily available in my country)
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  1. CM HAF 922 (Most probably would have enough space for that graphic card. (The case is 22" Long so most probably that 13.5" graphic card would fit...but most probably would interfere with the HDD cage...

    PSU - Corsair 550VX/ Corsair 650TX/ Antec EA 650/ ...

    The 550W would be little close...So stick with 600W + PSUs...
    Total - ~$200
  2. Thanks.. I think i will go with CM 922 and Corsair 650TX (or 750TX if budget permits)
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