CPU Temps Normal?

My first build, everything went surprisingly smoothly:

AMD Phenom II X2 550 Black Edition Callisto AM3 80W
Thermaltake TMG A3 92mm Enter CPU Cooler

I may have put the CPU cooler on upside down. Doesn't appear to matter. The lock down mechanism worked better on the top side.

After the initial boot, my CPU temperatures (with the Thermaltake cooler installed and running correctly) were hovering between 45C and 48C.

I haven't had any problems, nothing is overclocked, everything is basically stock. I have not updated to the latest BIOS yet.

Are these temperatures normal and ok? I would have thought they would be lower with the aftermarket cooler on it.
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  1. Welcome to the forums!

    The temperatures are okay. Seem a little on the high side.
    Tell us how you mounted your cooler.
    Tell us how you applied thermal paste.
  2. Mounted the cooler by positioning it over the CPU, latch one side, then the other, turned the handle clockwise to lock it down. It was a little difficult and I ended up removing my MOBO from the case to install the cooler.

    I used the stock grease that came on the cooler. I touched it once on accident while handling it. Had to wipe some grease off my fingers, but it didn't disturb the paste on the cooler.
  3. Thats what I thought too. The ambient temp is not hot, and I even had the side of the case off. Its getting plenty of air.

    The CPU arm was locked, I meant the locking mechanism on the cpu cooler.

    I guess I may have to remove the thing, clean off the old paste and try seating it again.
  4. Haha, no not that upside down. There's 2 latches on the heatsink/fan so there were 2 ways to install it. My choice makes the print on the logo upside down when looking at it from the side of the pc.

    Yeah, its a cheap cooler. I read that the stock one that comes with my cpu didn't do a very good job. And I read that the one that I purchased did a pretty decent job, so I figured it was worth $15 if it helped.

    If I'm going to end up taking this one back off, I might as well try out the stock heatsink/fan and see if it makes a difference.
  5. Today I'm sitting at 33-34 @ the cpu while idle. Maybe it just took a while to settle and make a good contact?

    Update: 56C cpu under load
  6. More likely, its now installed correctly with the fan blowing down across the fins.
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