Hyper 212+ bends motherboard

Okay, so I just installed my new Hyper 212 Plus. I noticed that when I tightened the screws, I could see that the motherboard became somewhat concave. It scared me a little, so I loosed the retention clip a little to return the motherboard to its almost "flat" shape.

Is this normal? Should I tighten the screws again, or should I leave it a little loose? Any advice from 212 Plus owners, or aftermarket cooler users in general?
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  1. I did not have that problem with the Hyper 212+. My first thought was perhaps you tightened the screws too tight. Have you turned it on since loosening the screws? Tighten it to the point it is secure and does not wobble, and not so tight that it bends the board.
  2. ...which is what i did already. I loosed the screws even before turning it on for the first time since putting in the 212+. Now it's giving a healthy reading of 40 C idle and 60 C load at around 30 ambient. Is that good or bad?
  3. When you are at idle, what speed and multiplier does CPU-Z report? Also, what CPU and case are you using? How's your cable management? Do you have good airflow, in and around your case?

    These are all factors that will affect your temps. Yours look ok, although idle seems a little high. When not OCed, I run 1-2C over ambient when at idle. That's with CPU-Z reporting a x9 multiplier and speed of ~1.19GHz. I keep my power savings featured enabled.

    With a full load of P95 or IntelBurnTest I hit 30-35C over ambient. This is using the Hyper 212+ with an i7 860 in a case with decent though not teriffic airflow.

    Did you run at all with the stock fan? Not really important but another point of comparison. I saw my idle temps drop about 10C and load temps drop ~30C when switching from stock fan to Hyper 212+.
  4. Hmm, I don't remember this problem when I installed mine. I get about mid low 20's at idle and 40-42C at max, though my room temp is a hair under 20C.
  5. Well, I use a HAF 922 case. My processor is a Core i5 750 running at 3.2 GHz, 3.36 on Turbo. I'm pretty sure the HAF has good airflow, partly because of its name (HAF = High Air Flow), and partly because it has 3 fans (2x200mm, 1x120mm) by default. I've added a 120mm bottom fan, so I doubt air flow as an issue.

    My idle frequency is around 1.4 GHz. Cable management is good. I put all the unused cables behind the motherboard, so no cables impede the airflow around the CPU and GPU area.

    My stock fan used to be 50 C idle and 80 C load. Horrible, right? Now it's 40 C idle and 60 C load, with around 30 C ambient temperature. So that's a drop of 10 C on idle and 20 C on load.
  6. Yeah, actually that doesn't sound too bad.
  7. Quote:
    You must have bought a cheap motherboard?

    Cheaper motheboards are thin because they have less layers.

    I wouldn't call the ASUS P7P55D EVO cheap. :)

    Although to be safe, I redid the installation of the cooler, and it really bends the motherboard when I tighten it to the maximum. I just loosened all 4 screws a little, until the motherboard wasn't noticeably bent anymore. Then I left it at that. Surprisingly, temps dropped 1-2 C. Maybe it was a little better the second time around.
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