Pny 9600 GT Graphic card problems

Hi everyone, few months now i upgraded from a 7600 gs graphic card to 9600 gt graphic card, on my old card i could play Counterstrike Source on highest graphics, without any fps drops or lagg, i could play any RPG games with same thing, no fps drop or lag.

But since i got my new card, I really cant play any new games at all... And i feel like even old games are not working.
Some guy told me that if the card is too hot it could drop fps, soo i got Rivatune and almost maxed the Fan speed and i still got the same FPS drops.

My specs are

AMD 64, 4800+ single core
PNY 9600 gt
3.5gb Ram
250 gb hard drive.

Thank you for the help.

PS could overclocking it improve fps?
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  1. Hello and welcome to the forums :)
    Have u removed the old driver before installing the new card ?
    You shouldn't experience such problems,there is something going wrong and OC'ng will not help since @ stock speeds u shouldn't have any problems
  2. Thx Maziar :),
    Since i got the graphic card i reformated my pc and installed a new OP, and i got the new drivers as well.

    Is my graphic card bad maybe ? I have no idea what i should do :S.
    Thx in advance
  3. can u test the card in another system ?
  4. Make sure the power cable is plugged into the video card.
  5. everything is checked, i tried on another system, power suply is good, fan is good, CPU is good... the only problem i have with it is really low fps...
  6. When u tested it in another system it worked fine ?
  7. nah.. same results :S, the increase was maybe 5-10 fps..
  8. RMA your card maybe ?
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