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Benefits of overclocking this?

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November 4, 2011 2:18:43 AM

Hi all,

I've recently upgraded my pc (specs below), and I would like to know what the benefits of overclocking my cpu/gpu and or ram would be. I've been playing BF3, and I think it looks great, running all settings on high. Im anticipating playing skyrim, and I hope my computer will remain a good gaming machine for a few years. I'm just curious, is there any great benefit in overclocking the cpu, given I don't suffer any noticeable lag in BF3, or anything else I've been using. I haven't benchmarked the PC, but I'm not really multitasking very much, and I don't have a need to.

Also, will overclocking the ram make any significant difference?

Lastly, the GPU. I'm sure there would be some advantage here, as I Imagine the GPU would be the thing holding the computer back/throttling it from being better. I imagine by OC'ing the GPU, I would be able to increase the graphics. Would I be subsequently required to OC the CPU then to keep up with the faster GPU?

Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.

Also, based on a $AU1000 budget, without too much research (I picked from the system builder results for most of the parts, and probably sacrificed on the GPU for a bigger SSD drive and faster ram) would you consicder this to be a fairly good build? I'm curious to know.

Oh and one more question (I don't mind if you don't answer this one):

If I was to look top increasing my graphics capabilities, would I be better off buying a second GTX560, and SLI'ing them, or to sell my 560 (probably for f all) and buy say a 580? How does twin 560's compare to single 580's?

Thanks for reading all of this, and I look forward to your answers. Also, don't hesitate to speculate or hold back, I'd like to know what people think. (By the way I upgraded from an athlon x2 5600 with 3GB ram and a 9800gtx+ so this computer absolutely blitzes my old one).

Thanks again.


CPU: Intel i5 2500k

MOBO: Gigabyte GA-Z68XP-UD

RAM: G-Skill 8GB 2133


And a decent corsair CPU ~ 650W, 60GB SSD (6GB/s), cheap antec case and coolermaster hyper TX3.

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November 4, 2011 8:12:40 AM

a more decent upgrade would be to the OS hard drive to a PCI-e SSD with an high bandwidth AND high IOPS one or the other begin lower then the 6GB/s SSD will make it slower then it is now.

OCint a i5 2500K might be good if you want it to go a little faster but performance wise unless you are going up to 4.0GHz you will not be able to notice most of it if it is just for gaming since most of your bottleneck from what you claim is the Graphics Card.

If that is 4 sticks of RAM for 8GB of 2133 you might want to lower the count of sticks of RAM if you can keep it at 8GB of 2133 and a reletively low CAS setting

for GPU really 560 x 2 and 580 preform within a couple fps of each other so it will not really make a big difference of which you go with unless you are doing CAD which i would suggest a workstation card then but it is for gaming thus most games do not take full advantage of all the most modern hardware right now so the 580 will not be much better if any better then 560 x 2 sorry