How to transfer hard drive from one pc to another?

I have a licienced copy of software, if I try to copy to another hard drive or disk, it reverts to a 20 day demo, necessitating a purchase @ $1,000, is there anyway to copy in it's original state.
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  1. Sometimes the license key can be moved, but it requires uninstalling from one computer then reinstalling on another. You can't simply copy the program to another computer as I'm sure that would violate the EULA. Most licenses state it can only be installed/run on a single computer.
  2. I noticed that you didn't say which software is the issue. I've got full retail versions of XP that have bounced from hardware to hardware for many years. I did have to contact Microsoft, but they have never given me a problem moving retail full or upgrade versions.

    The Microsoft OS is not $1,000, though, so I suspect that you are talking about some other software, possibly from another maker. The answer will depend on the maker's policy, and what kind of license was purchased originally. Are you just copying it to a new drive in the same machine, or moving it to another machine entirely?

    In the latter case, I have had vendors require that I prove that I uninstalled the software from the first machine. And I have no problem with their requiring this. If I'm licensed for one machine, I think that they have a right to check that I am only running it on one, and checking my uninstall is less intrusive than implementing DRM.

    So: What software are you talking about, and is this a new drive in the same machine or a move to a new machine?
  3. OK, so I just checked what I wrote, and the title refers to moving from one PC to another (I had only read the text, which referred to changing drives).

    You will have to contact the vendor and hope that they have a process for my third paragraph. Most of the ones that I have dealt with do.
  4. Some vendors will ask you to present them with some Hardware ID or something like that. From this they generate a specific lock.code.file that you put on your machine (at least with a Linux OS). This way the program is activated for a particular computer and as far as I know cannot be replicated on a new machine without redoing the lock-code process.
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