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I had bought a total Intel setup.CPU INtel Core Duo Quad, Mobo Intel DX38BT.The first MB didnt work,replaced thru Tiger Direct without any hazzle.

Now the Mobo shut down again,contacted Intel Tech support who advises to ship
I did The rejected the warranty claim."scratches" on the screw hole pads

not affecting the board proper and not causing the board failure!
They returned the board - also with some newly caused damage to the CPU pad pins - bend

I must conclude that for whatever reason, Intel decided to abandon their warranty obligation, the scratches on the screw pad has absolutely nothing to do with its failure,is cosmetic - from screwing the board down

I was contemplating moving up to the i7 platform with the DX58SO Mobo

I think I learned my lesson though. Will try ASUS boards and see whether they stand behind their product line rather than playing defense blaming the customer.

Any thoughts, advice appreciated
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  1. I had an Intel board once that just gave up working for no apparent reason. They tried the same thing -- said there was "customer induced damage" in the form of cut traces caused by a scratch across the back of the board.

    When it came back, what had obviously happened was that some retard in their service center had sliced too deep with a box cutter when they opened it and left a nice gouge across the back. They also claimed that I had voided the warranty by not shipping it with the cap that covers the CPU pins.

    Thankfully, I'd taken some "before" photos, and also had the receipt for the new CPU socket cap that I'd had to order FROM INTEL before returning the board, since I'd lost the original one. So that was enough to make them eat their words and send me a replacement, but at that point I'd figured out I was going to overclock the machine and put in some better RAM, neither of which the board would support, etc., etc. ... so now it's just sitting there in a box.

    Anyway ... yeah, having piss-poor customer service on top of making piss-poor motherboards in the first place is no way to encourage repeat customers.

    Speaking of which, anyone want to buy an Intel motherboard? I'll give you a great deal! :)
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