AMD Build need Suggestions


SYSTEM USAGE FROM MOST TO LEAST IMPORTANT: Gaming! and some movies/graphics

PARTS NOT REQUIRED: keyboard, mouse, speakers

PREFERRED WEBSITE(S) FOR PARTS: Newegg,tigerdirect,zipzoomfly(or w/e its called)

PARTS PREFERENCES: Amd phenom x4 955 with a easy oc and good appearance mobo, that can hold 16gb of ram

MONITOR RESOLUTION: Any of these 1600x1200, 1680x1050, 1920x1080, 1920x1200)

ADDITIONAL COMMENTS: Other Parts that would fit this build would be nice, ill prolly go with a ati 4890 gpu so idk what psu ill need to run it
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  1. Good Good:

    CPU: 955

    RAM: DDR3 1600 ocz / mushkin / G.skills. CL: 7 or CL:8

    HDD: WD Black 640gb / Seagate 7200.12 500gb

    MOBO: might be able to get it in combo's. Gigabyte 790x/790gx or 785g evo AM3 Asus

    Heatsink: s1283v / Scythe Mugen 2 / Sunbeam CR-CTTF( i think thats the name )

    GPU: 4890 sapphire / xfx / vapor-x sapphire.

    PSU: 650tx (For single / 750tx For cf )

    Case: Big selection of good cases: RC-690 / Antec 900 / SM Storm Scout / CM Haf 922 / Antec 300 illusion.

    Thermal compound : Arctic silver 3 / mx-2/ ceramique

    Optical Drive: LG 22x/24x / Samsung 22x/24x

    Monitor: Hanns-g / Asus 22" / 24"

    Always check everything for Combo's to lower prices.

    You can get the HDD with vista 64bit + windows 7 patch ina combo
  2. Within 6 months EVERYthing will change. Any recommendations given now will be null and void by then. Please post back closer to purchase date.
  3. alright, well it might be sooner, im gettting school money back so i might be able to start ordering as long as my job will pay enough while going to school ill find that out in about a month
  4. AMD Phenom x4 955 BE [$190.99]
    XFX HD-489A-ZDFC Radeon HD 4890 1GB 256-bit GDDR5 [$199.99]
    MSI 790FX-GD70 AM3 AMD 790FX ATX AMD Motherboard [164.99]
    Patriot 6GB (3 x 2GB) 240-Pin DDR3 SDRAM DDR3 1066 (PC3 8500) Triple Channel Kit [ 119.99]
    Patriot Viper Tri Channel 6GB PC10666 DDR3 Memory - 1333MHz [$99.99]
    Western Digital Caviar Black WD6401AALS 640GB 7200 RPM 32MB Cache SATA 3.0Gb [74.99]
    CORSAIR CMPSU-750TX 750W ATX12V / EPS12V SLI Ready CrossFire Ready [119.99]
    LITE-ON Black cd/dvd burner [27.99]
    NZXT Nemesis Elite Black Aluminum ATX Mid Tower Computer Case [89.99 after rebate]
    GELID Solutions Slim Silence AM2 65mm Ball CPU Cooler [21.99]

    Total= 1100.00 without monitor so about 1300 all together, this look good or should i spend the extra cash for a i7 build?
  5. FX wont do you anygood. it's overpriced. 790gx or 790x or 785g asus evo am3 is your best bet.
  6. AMDThunder is somewhat correct. In a month or so a whole bunch of new cards will be hitting the market so if you're not buying until then, your choices could change rapidly. It really doesn't hurt to start looking now though.

    I think full metals suggesstions are solid.

    For crossfire board I would look at these
    msi gd-70 fx:

    Asus m4a79T:

    Lower end 790gx:
    Biostar micro

    I lkie the Jetway for the option to run ddr2 and ddr3 mwemory:
  7. which one of those asus evo am3 mobos is the best? i like that board alot just dont know the difference between them. also the msi gd-70 is the orginal mobo i posted above but either of these two boards look great! this pc is goin to be alot CHEAPER then i thought
  8. one is micro atx the other is regular atx on the asus evo am3 boards.
  9. And a big no on the tri channel memory. Its wasted money on an AMD build.
  10. well this build is for the future also, the new processor amd will be coming out with will run only ddr3 so ill need a mobo that supports it, the socket is not changing also so all ill have to do is purchase the new processor. ill be running 64 win7
  11. ima get the gd-70 due to the fact that it runs tri channel ram and not dual, it be better in the long run for when i decide to do upgrades... but why is it bad to run tri on amd?
  12. DDR3 is fine, not triple channel. You want dual channel, but yes, DDR3.
  13. AMD CPU's have dual channel RAM controllers, not triple channel. The only chips that have triple channel RAM controllers are the Intel i7 chips. You would be running your RAM in single channel mode if you used one of those RAM kits designed for the i7 CPU. You're best off going with an even number of RAM sticks for anything but an i7.
  14. pointless planning a gaming rig 6 months ahead

    pointless planning a gaming rig without knowing the monitor resolution

    come back when you are buying within a week
  15. i need to know what im lookin at cost wise and idea more or less... but alright thx for clearing up the ram issue :) ill get dual channel ddr3 its cheaper anyways lol
  16. Ya a lot of sensible tips for mobo/RAMs :D Well have a read here:
    And after taking into consideration plummeting prices w.r.t the time review was written:
    But the real stand out has to be the Sapphire Radeon HD 4850 X2 2GB. This unique card really shined and held it's own all the way up to 2560x1600. And sometimes, like in the case of the Sapphire 4850 X2 2GB, we see a single card that costs the same as two separate lower spec'd (in this case lower memory) parts and can therefore offer great scaling and incredible value.

    It also eats up less power than a pair of HD4850 in CF configuration hehe
    So my suggestion at a price point way lower than $1.2k with a Full HD 23" LCD in

  17. slong said:
    i need to know what im lookin at cost wise and idea more or less... but alright thx for clearing up the ram issue :) ill get dual channel ddr3 its cheaper anyways lol

    you are looking at $1000-1200

    gfx card , cpu and other hardware will have changed in 6 months New models will be available , prices will have moved .

    its too early to plan
  18. Stop saying it's too early to plan. D: Let the guy learn how to shop/look around. I started planning 3-4 months ago and I have yet to buy most of my parts, but I am finally doing so in the next 2-3 weeks. He even states he might be buying it even sooner than 6 months. It's best if he learns what to get now and just start changing parts around when he's ready to buy them.

    My build:

    Case: Antec 902 ($125)
    CPU: AMD Phenom II x4 955 ($190)
    Mobo: MSI 790FX-G70 ($165)
    GPU: Sapphire HD 4890 Toxic ($250) [Bought @]
    RAM: Mushkin XP DDR3 1600mhz 7-7-7-20 timing ($100)
    PSU: Antec TruePower New 750W Blue ($99) [Bought]
    HDD: Western Digital 1TB Caviar Black ($95)
    Optical: Whatever's available ($25-$30)
    Thermal Compound: Arctic Silver 5 + Nippon Labs HDMI combo (~$13)
    Keyboard: Saitek Eclipse Blue Version ($30) [Bought]
    Headset: Plantronics Gamecom 377 ($30) [Bought]

    This totals to around $1100, $1150 with keyboard and headset.

    Things I already had:

    Monitor: Samsung 22" ToC HDTV (T22HD) 1680 x 1050 resolution, but is full 1080p when it's in TV mode.
    Mouse: Logitech VX Revolution

    My build is focused on a slightly bleeding edge range and a blue/black theme. Close to fullmetall's recommendation list. You don't have to go close to getting the top-end parts, it's really best to buy the 2nd or 3rd highest part if you want to be practical and still have a high-end computer.

    Although it's more expensive than the reference 4890's the Toxic is MUCH more quiet and runs cooler. I would advice you to look into the Sapphire Vapor-X/Toxic models for the 4890 if you want less noise and lower temps without having to replace the stock HSF. Noise-wise: 60% fan speed for the Toxic = 30% fan speed for reference 4890s. It will probably be available to buy anytime by the time you get to buying it, but right now, it sells out fast. If you don't care about noise or lower temps, I would recommend any XFX 4890. That company takes care of you and I've experienced their top-rated customer service first hand. My Toxic went up over 100mhz for both core and memory [960mhz core/1050mhz memory ===> 1065mhz core/1175mhz memory]

    Best thing I can tell you is to look around at the builds people are putting on the forum, look up those parts in Newegg, read the reviews in Newegg, read site reviews on the hardware, and see what appeals to you the most. Don't get trapped by the Intel/AMD/Nvidia/ATI fanboy wars, just go with what appeals to you. Good luck.

    Edit: You should get a 23"-24" LCD monitor that has a native resolution of 1920x1080/1200. My 4890 doesn't get fully utilized when my monitor only goes up to 1680x1050. Also, you can keep the stock HSF of the AMD 955. The stock Heatsink/Fan does fine OCing up to 3.6-3.8mhz. People say it gets noisy though. I plan on keeping the stock one on for a while and buying an aftermarket one later on.
  19. ring up a build with the info you have been given, get a price, that will probably drop alot by the 6 month period and there will be newer parts out to buy, really useless to say you can plan ahead when technology moves to fast for planning.
  20. When I started planning 3-4 months ago, the only changes were the drop in prices. Yeah, new parts did get released, but it will only be 1, if very rarely 2 models higher for a specific part. The only major change for me was looking at 4870's to 4890's. The parts that move quickly are the CPU and the GPU, but even then it takes a good half a year to a year to see a major change in the performance of new parts. Most of the parts I planned to buy are still parts I'm buying in a few weeks. Now I can see you guys have a point and by six months, the OP will probably be looking into faster and cheaper RAM, the new DX11 cards, i5 from Intel or whatever AMD has in store, and MAYBE a new motherboard, but as of now, the current mobos are already good enough for future builds. In the end, he/she will be looking at 1-2 new upgrade(s) to maybe 3-4 parts, I still don't understand why researching it now would be useless if you look at the computer as a whole.

    There's no hurt in learning the what's and how's in building a computer. The more he/she looks into it now, the better his/her understanding is when he/she comes to buy it. I would hate to see a person with little knowledge come to this forum a week before buying the system and just get build suggestions from people. Typically, that's what happens and if the person ever goes on to research their parts, they might not be satisfied with their build anymore.

    @slong: If you plan to buy the top/high parts of a specific part, you'll be spending at least $1000 without the monitor. As you go downgrade in the parts, you'll find that prices decrease dramatically. Having a 4870, AMD 945, and a 770/780 chipset alone will lower your total by about $100-200. These are just 1 or 2 models lower than the models recommended in this thread and they have been out for close to a year or more.
  21. It will lower it alot more than that... $800 tops with the combo's. with the 770/780-785G.

    AMD did make a new board for AM3 and it's the tri sli board. Not in store's yet but, it's been researched. $200.

    If he wanted to know more about computers, then all he needed to do was ask. All he wanted was a price range in choice. We gave him seperate buids to look at. That's about all he asked for. Now, if I were to of seen, " how do I know what parts to look at" then it would of been a different story.
  22. yea i just wanted to see what was out there and get some prices in my head, i know things will change but its better to have some sort of plan then go in blind ya know :) how is that msi board your using ? was it easy to oc and all that? i was looking at the msi gd-70 and another 720x or something like that but i cant decide on which msi to get ;(
  23. For a budget around that much, you can do better in board picking.

    Motherboard Brand: Gigabyte / Asus / ASRock(depending on the type) ---AMD

    This is for 770 and up, those are the main brands usually picked from.

    For that amount, there is a new board coming out in gigabyte as of what I seen is the new am3 sli board, looked pretty descent but, was the price of an i7 board.

    But, by the time your ready to buy, there will be i5 and pretty sure some better combo's and price drops.
  24. yea gigabyte is good but i personally dont like the look of any of their boards... i like black base with either blue/red/green/orange contrast colors, reason i liked the msi boards looked alot cooler
  25. The Asus Evo mobo has a nice black/blue look to it.
  26. yes those are good looking boards also, i think ima go with the msi gd-70, if i dont ill go with the asus evo 720x i think not sure ill have to look more into it
  27. Wow, looks aren't everything. That's what gets me, people will go for looks over quality and performance then they find out there computer either is lacking those things or is just not doing good at all but, it sure does look good! ???....

    theres no such thing as a 720x,
  28. 790x** and yea i mean looks are important to me but i mean im not just going to buy it cause of looks, reason iv been hunting down parts for 2 months... otherwise i would buy w/e looks cool lol... but either way im going for a balance of the two and i promise i will get it :)
  29. Of course looks aren't everything, but if I plan to spend $1k+ on a computer, I at least want it to look decent, not some ugly tie-dye shirt from the 70s. Also, if you look at my posted build, it's obviously not chosen just by the looks, but because all the parts will perform well with one another and they are all high-spec parts, meaning performance is my main concern. There are many different brands and models to choose from and I was just lucky that I could mix and match high performance parts to get a look that I liked.

    fullmetall, I thought you were really helpful by posting a great build in the beginning, but now you're just assuming things about people in a forum. I don't mind if you say that to people who buy Macbooks where they go for the looks over the performance (because many acknowledge that and still buy it), but any of the suggested motherboards (yours and mine) are already part of the high spectrum of motherboards. Performance is the aim of any computer builder, some people just happen to get a better satisfaction in building a computer that they can admire in more ways than one.
  30. kokin said:
    I at least want it to look decent, not some ugly tie-dye shirt from the 70s.

    Back in the '70s when I tie dyed t-shirts they looked fabulous :p
  31. Outlander_04 said:
    Back in the '70s when I tie dyed t-shirts they looked fabulous :p

    Unfortunately, I wasn't born back then so I cannot say the same. :(
  32. exactly the pc parts im getting will perform well over the standard so ill give up a few frames or w/e to get a kickass looking rig but either way i should be fine now that i have a good idea of what goes together and will work great, thx to all :)
  33. kokin said:
    When I started planning 3-4 months ago, the only changes were the drop in prices.
    The difference now is in the next few weeks both Ati and Nvidia will reveal their next gen dx11 GPUs, Intel will release the new i5 CPUs with a new socket and Windows 7 will be ship. Alot more changes will happen by the end of september than happened all of last year.
  34. well im going with amd though, im no longer interested in nvidia or intel.. its just to pricey for a the little performance gain.. and i can always oc to reach the same benchmarks dont make since to me to pay the extra $400 plus. and amd will be taking advantage of dx11 since they kinda helped design/test it so should be fine there also
  35. dndhatcher said:
    The difference now is in the next few weeks both Ati and Nvidia will reveal their next gen dx11 GPUs, Intel will release the new i5 CPUs with a new socket and Windows 7 will be ship. Alot more changes will happen by the end of september than happened all of last year.

    Yes, well, current GPUs can still use some DX11 features, especially ATI ones. Not really worth getting DX11 right now anyway. I would at least wait a couple months for the drivers and kinks to get worked out. I remember when I first started researching around, people who bought the newly released 4890 were all freaking out and saying how disappointed they were at ATI's support, but now it's all stable and everyone who gets a non-faulty one loves it.

    Windows 7 has already been out for the last year. I expect it to be just like how RC is now, so again, no big difference there.

    Although the i5s are coming and there's a lot of speculation with them, you just don't know how they will turn out, until they release. I feel like there's too much hype on the i5s and it's gonna disappoint people big time.

    It's worth waiting for I guess, but the OP isn't gonna buy for a while anyway, so no worries.
  36. yea im goin with the 4890 for sure, i thought about waiting till january to buy everything.... by then win7 will be pretty much stable all the new parts will be coming out such as the ati 5000 series and the new amd processor which both sound sexy! my main reason of waiting is really for directx11... if the 4890 takes advantage of it when it does release then i have no true reason to wait. can anyone clear that up for me?
  37. The 5000series will have DX11 as it's hardware, where as the 4890 can only use software to use Tessellation/other DX11 features, but not all features. This just means the 5000 series will be more efficient at handling DX11 stuff, not to mention it will be more powerful than a 4890 and has a lower power consumption(well one can hope). We won't know until it does release and gets tested, so wait a few weeks and see. There is news that there will be a few DX11 games to be released in the next weeks/months.
  38. alright yea im waiting till january, i just dont have the cash at hand atm plus might as well wait till the newer stuff comes out
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