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hii ive linksys adsl modem /router WAG54G v3 .. it doesnt connect direct coz of my dsl company n im using it as a networking like i ve connected 4 cables to each pc but 1st it is connected to the comany modem which they ve provided... internet is working fine but m not able to connect wireless to linksys..n i dun ve its software as well ..can any1 help me wht to do ??? thanks
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  1. It would help you get replies if you would follow the norms of English and break your ideas up into sentences. It is not easy to follow what you are trying to say.
  2. in easy english i want to say I WANT TO CONNECT DIRECT TO INTERNET ON MY ADSL MODEM MODEL WAG54G v3 and i want its software
  3. Suggest you visit the Linksys site and download the software.
  4. Suggest you visit the Linksys site and download the software...
    well fihart this is the most stupid suggestion i ve ever got on help site ..yup i know linksys got the website but i didnt get anything from there so started to search n posted my query here...bye
  5. Glad to be able to help.
  6. it isn't stupid to go to linksys, they have the necessary drivers for your laptop to talk to router via wireless. also maybe try for wireless. this is sometimes setup for the wireless connection to the think u STUPID....................... :kaola:
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