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Hey guys first post, if I ask something wrong cut me a break.

I'm looking into buying a sound card since I just bought new parts to build a new comp, the parts havent' gotten here yet but I'm not sure if my MB will output 5.1 through the optical or coax while gaming so i'm researching in advance. Can anybody tell me of a card that has the following features:

1) does digital 5.1 in gaming and is NOT analog (coax/optical or bust)

2) decodes DD/DTS and outputs through coax/optical or at least allows pass through so my receiver can do it (it supports both)

3) Has its own ram so it doesn't have to rely on my cpu

4) (should probably #1)in the $50-75 range.

Also the board I ordered is the gigabyte Ga-EX58-UD3R as with most mobo these days its has digital outputs on it. Can anybody tell me (if anybody has it) if it does 1-2 on my list??? If it does I my list?? If so I might just save money on the card.

Thanks for the help looking forward to the replies.
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  1. Wow no takers huh? I thought this was THE place to get help with my kinda question.
  2. The problem is that very, very few soundcards will Decode DD/DTS formats. Encoding (Via DDL/DTS-C) is not an issue though...Nevermind that the only soundcards with RAM are made by Creative, and their cards aren't nearly as good as the competition (even the Titanium is lacking compared to ASUS/Auzentech).

    The last soundcard I know of with a built in DD/DTS decoder is the Audigy 2 line.

    Best soundcards in your price range are the HT Omega Striker and ASUS Xonar DX.
  3. Well I got an audigy 2sz here but its analog and I just want to have one cable to my receiver and that's it. don't want to have a b unch running around. Plus I feel that digital sounds better (hotly debated I know).

    Well if no cards can decode DD and DTS do any allow pass through so my DTS/DD cabable receiver can do the decoding???

    Hope somebody can clear up the questions I mentioned.

    So NO OTHER cards have their own ram besides the creative ones? I've heard all about creative and how they gimped their drivers for newer OS but I wanna get all the frames I can while gaming so I want my sound card to not really need to lean on my cpu as much or at all.

    So should I just forget the card or just accept the fact that I may have to get on that depends on the cpu?? But if get one that depends on the cpu how is a sound card an improvement/advantage in that case??
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