Cant disable my geforce 6150se

hi everyone. I just installed a geforce 8400gs which i installed on my computer. I know it's crap, I bought it before I knew anything about graphics cards. Anyway my pc has geforce 6150se onboard graphics, and I can't disable it. I have went in my BIOS and set display settings to pci, didn't work. I went into device manager and disabled the 6150 but it just reboots my pc saying the pci display adapter will not work. Does anyone know of a solution to my problem?
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  1. specify the mobo.
  2. asustek m2n68-la
  3. You need to disable onboard video via bios, and make sure you have the video option set properly, once you disable the onboard video you will need to switch the monitor cable from the motherboard to the graphics card.
  4. I opened the BIOS, set the display settings to pci, I save the changes and exit, but when i switch monitor over to graphics card screen doesn't work
  5. Just to let everyone know, I've googled the problem and everthing I've read has been, disable onboard graphics in BIOS, disable 6150se in device manager. I've tried both but neither have worked
  6. I've also uninstalled all nvidia drivers, went to nvidia website and tried downloading just the 8400gs drivers, but it installs drivers for both

    Also, I read that some old motherboards have jumpers to the onboard graphics, checked that too
  7. I am looking for help on this as well. I have the same mobo and I am trying to install a radeon hd 4550. When I install the card and try to boot the computer will not start up. When I remove the new card it starts fine. The power supply is a 300 watt which is what the card says it needs.

  8. UTAustinMc

    Have you done everything i've mentioned in this forum?
  9. Yes I have done everything in this forum. I went out and bought a 550 watt power supply last night. Hope to install it today and see what happens.
    My computer will not even boot up when the new graphics card is installed. Maybe this will help.
  10. would like to hear back from you if that helped
  11. Well the new power supply did nothing. Comuter is a little quieter though.
    I really need to get this video card working. I have tried all the video settings in Bios. Disabled video in device manager and uninstalled the original video drivers. I see no place in the Bios to disable the video. Am I missing something there?
  12. UTAustinMc

    I don't know what kind of card you are trying to install, but I bought a geforce 9600gt which is a pci-e x16 card, and it installed fine. For some reason this board isn't compatible with pci graphics cards.
  13. It is the Radeon HD 4550, PCI-E X16 card
  14. hey hey
    i think i can help...

    so temme exactly..wen u plug ur 8400 inside ?
    then does ur pc not detect it ?
    if it does not...go to bios > advanced and set INIT display first to PCI
    if not it to PEG and check out ur ram

    i once bought a 8600gt on a asus mobo
    installed it...when i set it to PCI..It shows only 512mb ram....1.5gb lost !
    and wen i set it to PEG , no video card detected but ram is 2 gb

    maybe ur mobo doesnt support some cards...
    i bought a cheap gigabyte mobo and the card worked like a CHARM !
  15. I cant speak for the guy with the 8400 card but my computer will not even boot with the 4550 card installed. I have tried everything mentioned in this forum.
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