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Core i5 2500k with this cooler master cpu cooler

i have intel i5 2500k with stock cooler so i have a question that it if i change it to this will the temperature stay low actualy i am not using a discrete gpu i am using integrated gpu so processor temps are becoming up like 75c when playing crysis2
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  1. n520 is too small.
    Get a 212 evo instead. Same Price and better performance.
  2. What's your budget?

    I'd go with the Hyper 212+ that's excellent for price/performance, but if you can move on to the V6GT do it.
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    ive just built a rig with an i5 2500k and coolermaster 212 + and and it doesnt go above 44 c with prime 95 so i would highly recomend that cooler and very quiet too.
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