Help me build my NAS box

Hey guys,

Have slowly been researching this for the past little while, and this forum has been a very nice source of info - thanks to all so far.

I want to build myself a ZFS server, most likely using Sub.Mesa's distro. This would be as a back-up server; I already have a file server with 10 TB (consisting of 5 2TB drives that Windows 7 sees as "one" with its built-in disk manager) but I have no redundancy at all in there. I'm only looking for something to serve as a back-up box for music, movies, documents, photos, my music studio sessons, etc.; therefore, a 10 TB pool is what I'm lookign for. No streaming from the ZFS box. Performance is not that big of a concern, but reliability is.

I do have a few questions, though, for now mostly relating to hardware, specifically the motherboard and hard drives themselves.

First off, I've already got an Ahtlon X2 250, a Scythe Shuriken cooler for it, and a Seasonic 300W power supply lying around. So, I'd like to use those. With that :

1. Mobo : I was thinking the Gigabyte GA-890GPA-UD3H. This has 8 built-in SATA ports. I know this doesn't support ECC memory; but can you suggest an AM3 board that does? The board would (much preferably) have an HDMI port, for all I've got right now for an extra monitor is a 32" 1080p TV. (BTW, plan would be for this to be run headless once configured.)

2. Memory : ECC or non-ECC? I know the whole thing about doing it once and doing it right, but is it worth it? My readings seem contradictory on this;

Hard drives : This is also a big one. I'd like to run RAIDZ2, which means either 6 or 10 drives, as I recall, for optimum performance (or is this only for the 4K corrected thing...?). I suppose the easiest way to reach the 10 TB goal is with 4 data drives and 2 parity, which points to 3TB drives - but am I missing something? I guess I could also run 9 1.5 TB drives in RAIDZ. (The numbers for RAIDZ were, as I recall, either 2, 3, 5 or 9 drives for optimum performance...?) Not that performance is THAT big a deal, as I've mentioned previously...

So anyhow :

3. What drive size/number combination would you recommend?
4. Using which specific hard drives?

Awesome, thanks!
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