Boot issues, will boot only when reset

When turning on my computer, using either the power button on the case or on the motherboard, my computer will power up (fans and lights on) but it will go no farther and will not POST. If I press the reset button after the power button is pressed the computer will start up fine. Pressing the reset button alone does nothing. All the leads are connected in the right way but the reset button on the motherboard appears to be stuck in. I suspect the stuck reset button might be the problem but it has always been stuck and this just started up recently. Thanks for your help.

AMD Phenom II X4 945
MSI 790GX-g56
Crucial 4gb 1333
HIS Radeon HD 4890
WD Cavier black 750gb
OCZ Steathxstream 700watt
Vista Home Premium 64bit
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  1. maybe u could try a cmos clear
  2. yes, clear the bios and then carefully choose all the settings. If still not better, you could try flashing the bios if you have that experience. If not sounds like time for RMA.
  3. If you suspect the Reset Switch, remove the Reset Switch's connector from the motherboard and re-test. It is a non-essential component. This shouldn't be the problem, since a stuck switch would lead to the Reset Button appearing to be always pressed . . . which should continually reset the PC. But maybe not, and its simple to test.

    BIOS is another possibility. As suggested, clear it and ensure correct parameters are reinstated. Since you have changed nothing . . . well, wait a minute. There are several BIOS updates for the G65 mobo (there is no G56 shown) all dated 2009 . . . so what BIOS are you running? Check BIOS revisions here:
  4. I would try all of the above first, if not try a different power supply and if that dosn't cure it you have a dodgey motherboard
  5. pjmelect said:
    I would try all of the above first, if not try a different power supply and if that dosn't cure it you have a dodgey motherboard

    LOL seems like 90% of the time its the psu. Makes me afraid to jump right there first.
  6. When I get a computer to repair with a strange fault, I nearly always try a known good power supply first, that I have to hand for this very reason it only takes a few seconds to do and for me time is money. However not everyone has a spare power supply to hand and to get one would cost money, so try everything else first that doesn’t cost anything.
  7. If the reset button is stuck and cause the pins to short than that it's definetly the problem. The system will POST to power off after a second or two or it couldn't POST at all. If you however press the reset button to cause it to not short the pins then the PC will start. This is exactly your problem.

    If you cannot unstuck the reset button and/or it's not a problem of the jumper not connected well on the MoBo then you have no alternative than don't use it. It's not an essential part of the system, it's only a thing that can be handy sometimes.

    EDIT: If the stuck button is the one in the MoBo (some boards have it onboard for test stands) then you have a bigger problem. Try to unstuck it or if you know how to do it just make it so it doesn't work no more. If you cannot do it you have to RMA the board.
  8. If it is not the case wiring (pulling the reset switch connector is a good idea), the first place I also would look would be the PSU. If the circuit inside the PSU that generates the PowerOK control signal is glitchy, that could explain the symptoms.
  9. Wow thanks everyone for the help.

    I tried clearing the cmos, unplugging the case reset button both of which didn't work. It appears that my motherboard reset button is indeed stuck because I couldn't reset by pressing it. I then tried flashing the BIOS which I was leery of doing at first but it was extremely easy.

    BIOS update appears to be working, cold started three times without having to reset. I'm willing to let the stuck reset button slide if it wont cause any problems down the road.

    Thanks again for your help!
  10. Well...... Its back weirdly enough. I think it might be related to the psu.

    If I unplug the psu and wait a bit then try the power button, it boots up no problems. I had it off while I was messing around in my case earlier. I think that is the reason it booted up before. I tested this theory and it still holds.

    Does the power supply send a different signal when cold starting vs resetting? I don't have another power supply to test out.
  11. The power supply sends out a power good signal when the voltages from the supply have stabilized, this causes the processor to reset and start booting. When you restart the computer you manually assert the reset pin. The power good signal may not actually monitor all of the power supply voltages but simply wait a preset time to when the voltages have reached a certain level and should be stable. Due to ageing of the electrolytic capacitors you may get a “bounce” in the voltage levels causing the processor to crash and therefore not boot up.
  12. Shawmut said:
    Well...... Its back weirdly enough. I think it might be related to the psu . . . I don't have another power supply to test out.
    Well, its sorta down to your psu or your mobo at this point. And when that's the choice, the overwhelming favorite as the problem-causer is the psu. The fact that it also fits the symptoms hepls a lot, too.
  13. did you check the opperating system to see if the energy efficency is on yet? Do that before you take apart the computer to switch the psu.
  14. Last week I made a mistake in getting a new DVI cable mixed up and used a cable that plugged DVI-D single link into the back of the GPU which is DVI-I dual.Soon after the computer began to randomly lose screen connection during sleep mode and the reset button would have to be pressed to get post boot when switched on.
    The GPU started getting hotter in games aswell.
    Luckily I realised in time when I plugged in a 2nd screen to see it booting up fine, it was the cable to the monitor that was at fault and not my PC unable to boot.
    Not sure if any one else has made this error.
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