Athlon duel core 4850e

I have a athlon duel core 4850e in my computer sat up with the asus m3a78-em motherboard.. I am wanting to build a computer for my daughter. Have bought the motherboard but can not fine the 4850e processor. What processor can I use that would be comparable to the athlon duel core 4850e.
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    I have 2 of those motherboards as well. It should take all the AM2/AM2+ and the 125W AM3 processors.

    WOW those 4850e have become extinct. I just bought one a few months ago for $35. Looks like you're on a tight budget so .....

    You can get one of these
    It doesn't come with a heatsink

    or you can get one of these
    It's slower, but comes with a stock heatsink

    I would recommend the first one and get an after market heatsink.

    If you're feeling rich, you an get this one

    or this one
  2. The Athlon X2 line along with 65nm manufacturing has finally been phased out by AMD. The new Athlon II X2 line up on 45nm is the replacement and they're noticably more powerful too.
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