GA-X58A-UD3R wont post

Hello, I recently decided to build a new computer using this motherboard. When I went to first turn on the computer after assembling it would not POST, nor were there any beep codes heard. At this point I assumed it was the RAM so i took it out and the same lack of response/beeps. At the moment I do not have any extra DDR3 to test out to see if that is the issue. I also attempted to remove the Graphics card to see if it was stoping the process somewhere.
is the cpu

is the ram.

Any help is greatly appreciated ;\

Am I assuming correct that if it was the ram it would atleast do a beep error code instead of being quiet?

I did check to see if any pins were bent and they were fine.

If i remove all sticks of ram the cpu fan will not spin unless plugged into a sys_fan spot and not the cpu_fan location.

I can restart the comp with ctrl alt del on the keyboard or at least it appears to restart (all LED's light up on the mb and i could hear the hdds spin.

Without a grapics card or ram shouldnt i hear some kind of beep code?
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  1. Did you connect a case speaker? People are often confused about the issue, and assume that the diagnostic 'beeps' will come through, say, their fancy Bose 5.1 speaker system - doesn't work that way... the most productive two dollars you spent during the whole build! :D
  2. If you can restart with ctrl alt del, you may be POSTing, but lacking video output. Without a motherboard speaker, you wouldn't hear the beeps.

    Does your motherboard have onboard video? If yes, plug the monitor into that port. If you're using an add on graphics card, make sure you have the PCIe power plugged in (if your card requires it/them).
  3. It was the graphics card which is very disappointing. I was going to use my 9800 gx2 till i was able to find a 5970 for sale from newegg or another trusted site. Anyone know a decent site with it still in stock? Short notice i may have to just settle for a cheap card for now but spending more money that necessary would make me emo.
  4. It may not be your graphics card. What model of PSU do you have? It could be that your PSU isn't powerful enough to power the card.
  5. It was, my psu is a corsair 650w. I replaced my graphics card with my friend's and it booted right up and was fully operational.
  6. Good choice in PSU.
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