What is the most accurate voltage?

I am trying to overclock my 2600k on my ASUS p8z68-v pro mobo but I want to use relatively conservative settings.

Right now I am running at 4.7 Ghz with a voltage of... and here is my question.

In this picture, we can see I set the voltage to 1.385, however when I save changes and exit and reenter the bios, it says i have 1.352 :

Which voltage is the most accurate voltage? Also in CPU-Z the voltage says 1.37 on idle and like 1.33 on load with prime95.

I am aiming for a maximum voltage of 1.35, but I am also wondering if the voltages I currently have are safe and wont reduce the life of the CPU. Oh and I am using liquid cooling (Corsair H80) and the temps with prime 95 dont exceed 65 C

Thanks for your help!
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  1. Pretty normal voltage readings, cpu-z is generally reliable for measuring approximate voltage. Voltage under resistance, will always droop a little on the way to it's destination, that's why we have 100,000 volt power lines, to help get the electricity from one place to another. So basically, it's normal to be a little lower than the value you set in bios.

    Your voltage is safe,but seems high, unless you're going for a pretty big overclock.
  2. Max recommended voltage for the SB CPU's is 1.52 volts. However, with a quad, you are likely to run into the thermal limits of the CPU before you reach the voltage limits.
  3. Read this:


    When building my son's box, I used the lappie I'm now typing from to keep my results....

    Stock 51,53, 53, 51 (1.224) LLC = Auto
    4.0 Ghz 52, 54, 55, 52 (1.016-1.024) LLC = Auto
    4.2 GHz 54, 56, 57, 55 (1.256 - 1.264) LLC = Auto
    4.4 Ghz 56, 60, 60, 67 (1.280 - 1.288) LLC = Auto
    4.6 Ghz 62, 66, 68, 65 (1.360 - 1.368) LLC = High
    4.8 Ghz 71, 77, 79, 72 (1.408 - 1.416) LLC = Ultra High*

    Later on I tweaked the last two settings and turned off HT on 4.8 to get to 68ish temps but don't have the settings here
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