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I have a Western Digital WD1200BEVS laptop hard drive which I have to pull data off of. However, the connectors do not look like the standard SATA connectors. The connectors do not show up as | | | | parallel plates and would not work with a standard SATA cable. The WD info indicates that it is SATA 1.5Gb/s but I cannot find any docs that talk about this different sort of connector. Does anyone have an idea?
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  1. Easy part first: SATA I (1.5 Gib/sec), SATA II (3.0 Gib/Sec), and SATA III (6.0 Gib/sec) use the same physical interface and the same connectors.

    That said, I'm looking up your drive to see if it uses mini-connectors or some such thing.

    Curiouser and curiouser. I looked that drive up, and if it's the Scorpio model I see it has perfectly normal connectors. Here's a link to a picture: http://www.pricedbelowmarket.com/computer-parts-hardware-hard-disk-drives-hdd-western-digital-wd1200bevs-22ust0-scorpio-wd1200bevs-120gb-sata-15gb-s-5400-rpm.html . The connectors on the left are standard (or mini?) SATA power and data, followed to the right by useless jumpers and the old-style power connector.
  2. After checking WD's site, it shows the drive with a standard sata power and data connector. What is different about this dconnector? Are you sure there isn't some sort of bridge connector attached to the drive. If so, you should be able to remove it to expose the actual data and power ports on the drive.
  3. After looking more closely at the connector it was clear that it was an adapter which could be taken off. I thought so at first blush but it would not come off so I assumed that the drive ended in this connection. With the help of this forum I pried harder and the adapter came off exposing the standard SATA connector.

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