Find my network password

how do i find my network key which i have forgotton, I need to set up wireless connection on my new notebook.
Thanks John
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  1. depending on your router company, you need to type the IP address which lets you log into the administrator account for the network settings...

    so i have a linksys router and to get to my admin settings i type and when i hit enter a box asking for username and password comes up.

    hopefully you haven't forgotten that because if you have the only way to solve the problem is to somehow completely reset the router (maybe there's a button on it somewhere to do that, i have never had to to do that).

    if you do have the user/pass to log in..then you go to security tab i think and your network password will be there.
  2. Hi newcomer and welcome to the Tom's hardware forum.

    See answer here

    Or, reset the router and configure again.
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